Who We Are?

UPS Ltd; was founded in 2012 as a solution provider representing the ‎most professional international manufacturers providing the market ‎with a wide range of solutions and products. Since then; our major ‎objective became customer satisfaction, always there when needed ‎and ready to listen to our customers. ‎

UPS's strength is based on its practical experience and the ‎extraordinary efforts of its employees, which enables us to offer ‎increasingly effective solutions/products and to anticipate on our ‎customers' requirements, making their jobs a lot easier and we can ‎prove it.‎

UPS Ltd; dose not only market products but also and most ‎importantly offers a comprehensive range of solutions from the ‎design phase to the operational phase, including Asset Management ‎and Water Management trough measuring, monitoring, detecting and ‎inspecting the entire water cycle.‎

We offer you solutions in the form of products and services backed-‎up with the most reliable tech-support not only after sales but also ‎guaranteeing our clients to have an optimum investment.‎

Our Values

  • Flexibility – We react quickly to opportunities as they arise; UPS Ltd; ‎empowers its people to take on new challenges and harness their ‎creativity while developing their skills. ‎
  • Innovation – We take pride in being disruptive and challenging the ‎status quo; UPS Ltd; works to be the best at developing and ‎delivering solutions for asset and water management, collaborating ‎with each other to substitute innovation. ‎
  • Respect – We demonstrate respect in all aspects of our business – ‎for our people, our clients, our competitors, and the environment; we ‎expect and reinforce ethical behavior in how we operate, as well as ‎promoting the concept and benefits of shared values within the ‎communities in which we serve. ‎
  • Excellence – We encourage excellence in everything we do; from ‎delivering data-driven, actionable results for our clients to ensure a ‎safe working environment for everyone, we are passionate about ‎being the best at what we do. ‎

Our Vision

  • An added value towards a better world.‎

Our Mission

  • To continue providing sustainable solutions that Inspires and steers ‎the entire water industry.‎

UPS Organization Structure