Latest events in the field of water treatment

‎Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference 2019

Delivering Sustainable Intelligent Cities for The Future Generations

‎Watrex Expo 2019

Utility & Positioning Systems team was glad to welcome Watrex Expo visitors on 20-22 March19 and explain the latest utilities and pipeline networks technology breakthrough which chained great interest from industry stakeholders in Egypt market.

‎Cairo Water Week

Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation organized Oct. 14-18 Cairo Water Week, marking the country's first international event to initiate a public debate about water scarcity risks and challenges in Egypt and the region.

‎Big 5 Construct Egypt

The Big5 Construct Egypt exhibition" (September 18 - 21, 2018), Utility & Positioning Systems (UPS) displayed the latest water & utilities related technological innovations produced by leading EU & US producers.

Watrex Middle East Expo

Watrex Middle East Expo is an annual water trade fair event for wastewater and water treatment technologies on the 5th - 7th February 2018 at the New Cairo International Conference Center (NCICC) Cairo, Egypt.

‎Infra Africa & Middle East Expo 2017

Under the Patronage of H.E. The Prime Minister and Ministry of Environmental Affairs, contributed in the international exhibition & conference for the infrastructure of the new and sustainable cities in Africa & Middle East, including Machinery, Equipment, Tools, Products, Technology & Projects, held in Cairo, ‎Egypt, in October 17 – 19, 2017.

‎3rd Arab water forum ‎ ( AWF3‎ )

The Arab Water Forum is a tri-annual multi-stakeholder event organized by the Arab Water ‎Council (AWC). The forum is a platform for all water stakeholders to meet and deliberate ‎on the water issues that influence their daily life and have impact on their future. The ‎scarce water resources in this region represent the biggest challenge, which is aggravated ‎by fast growing population and global changes as in the case of climate, and water related ‎disasters (floods and droughts). The Third Arab Water Forum (AWF3) will be held in Cairo, ‎Egypt, in December 9 – 11, 2014. The AWF3 will convene around the general theme ‎‎“Together towards a Secure Arab Water Future” and IWRM will represent the central issue ‎embedded in the specific themes and topics of the forum. The AWF3 will allow all water-‎interest groups and stakeholders to engage in debate about how far the current water ‎policies and actions are successful to bring water security to the region

Arab European pipeline center

Exposition – ‎Meeting – Conference

Show case and permanent platform for products, services ‎and training in the water sector

Based on the experience of the EPC and adjusted to the local Egyptian requirements a ‎similar institution under the name of “AEPC-ARAB EUROPEAN PIPELINE CENTER” ‎is envisioned for HCWW. The transfer of know-how from Europe to Egypt to be ‎managed by experts from both sides shall comprise the whole range of the water cycle ‎beginning from the catchment of the resources to the treatment of waste water. A ‎singular emphasis shall be allocated to the reduction of water losses, the distribution ‎network, its optimization and ways to renew and maintain its capacity. ‎

‎2nd international water and wastewater conference (SWSSC2012)

Cairo International Conference Center (CICC)‎

The conference intends to provide a focal point for those engineers, scientists and ‎regulators with an interest in (but not limited to) water pollution control, groundwater, ‎innovative treatment technologies, water desalination, wastewater management and ‎reuse options; sludge application…etc .

Water North Africa conference ‎

Water and waste water management and innovative solutions ‎for a sustainable environment‎

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