We offer you the best CCTV inspection sieves you can have in the Middle East and Africa through our qualified team that has the experience of executing projects of more than 200km in the past few years.

The importance of the CCTV inspection can be concluded in that it enables experts to study and assess the actual situation of the sewage networks, which is directly reflected on the quality of the decisions taken with regards to your rehabilitation plan.

CCTV inspection generally consists of a remotely operated camera, mounted on a self-propelled robotic crawler that is connected to a video monitor at the surface. These systems are contained within a cargo van or a box truck; however, for easements or difficult-to-access locations, HUSA has portable CCTV systems mounted on easement machines or all-terrain, amphibious vehicles


In 1946, plans began for creating a CCTV system that recognize internal pipe problems, the main obstacle was to make the system ready to work under water pressure and the existing chemicals inside wastewater networks, the idea has evolved in 1950 and a basic system with black and white camera, produced by the American company "RCA" began to be examined the swear pipes

Since then the systems has gone through huge stages of development (isolated color cameras - video camera – Camera’s holders with multi-heights, ability to move into the most difficult circumstances and ease of use).