Believing in customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business UPS ‎Ltd; has designed a comprehensive technical support concept insuring that ‎our customers are in good hands from design phase and all the way to the ‎operation phase.‎

UPS Ltd : utilize its various technical support teams to ensure that its ‎customer requests from pre-sales, technical visits and repair orders are ‎processed timely and proficiently.‎


We help you plan your jobs according to your wishes from beginning ‎to end‎.

No matter whether you need orientation for special applications, solutions to ‎your problems or assistance with order processing and the creation of ‎service quotes – our experienced staff are able to provide you with quick and ‎professional advice to all your questions.‎

For you we have dedicated a pre-sales team ready to answer your questions ‎‎24/7.‎

At your service.

Customers can always request a technical visit at their facility or site; our ‎technical support teams are more than happy to be at your immediate ‎disposal. ‎

Optimum Commissioning for optimum Results‎.

One part of our comprehensive range of services is the Online commissioning for our ‎measurement systems which requires a high degree of know-how. ‎

UPS Ltd : provide the perfect solutions for the start-up of your individual system ‎through the latest stat of art technology Online Commissioning!!

Simply we program, configure and test your devise over the internet!!‎

Our service specialists have a strong basis when it comes to applications in addition to a ‎wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge as well. Regular training and ‎continues education make sure that these standards are constantly extended and ‎consolidated. ‎

This ensures smooth operation of your systems without unnecessary interruptions. ‎Your benefits are efficiency, quality and no extra costs right from the start. ‎

Best Service for your system‎.

Our commitment to quality does not end with a successful purchase order, ‎we provide a comprehensive after “sales care” to ensure that our capital ‎investments continues to deliver excellent results for many years to come, ‎under that concept we have backed our products with the most complete ‎service center.‎

Even the most powerful products may experience some troubles from time ‎to time, improper operation or inappropriate handling may lead to ‎instrument failure as well. In such cases our service center is there to help ‎you quickly and without unnecessary complications. ‎

We offer you:

Consists in checking the instrument by comparing it with standards. Engineers ‎carry out thorough checks on equipment (connections, memory battery, power ‎supply, water tightness) and a quote for repair or calibration is issued whenever ‎necessary.‎
After acceptance of the quotation, the equipment is repaired or restored to the ‎best possible working conditions (worn parts and defective components being ‎replaced)‎.

From us you will get qualified service including warranty for the services ‎performed and the replaced parts. ‎

You always have your maintenance costs under control!‎

Always dedicated to its customers, UPS Ltd; offers a comprehensive range of maintenance ‎contract applied to our whole line of products. We are proud to deliver our low cost ‎maintenance contrast with a short turnaround time in order to keep your equipment available ‎and up-to-date.‎

In case of existing maintenance contracts we will care about the scheduling of course! ‎

You don’t want to worry about exploding costs for your systems maintenance! No problem, ‎among other points we offer standard maintenance contracts.‎

You can always have contracts tailored to fit your specific needs! ‎ Just talk to us, we will gladly provide you with details or model contracts.‎